Saturday, May 5, 2007

Box Contents May 2, 2007

We're not having a good run. This week I had to toss a bunch of broccoli raab. I've been traveling and we've not had time to really cook. The use of the box has suffered, our nutrition has suffered ... it is a bit of a disappointment, but also a reminder to focus on the important stuff.

With the swamp of activity came some new knowledge. Many veggies are very durable if handled well. The spinach we got over a week ago is still viable. I washed it in my salad spinner and left it in the spinner in the refrigerator; I am amazed and pleased. Also, the Evert-Fresh Green Bags are indeed a veggie lifesaver. I have chard from a week or two ago that is also viable. If you consider a CSA, I whole-heartedly recommend investing in these bags.

This week's bag included the following:
  • Green Cababge
  • Salad Mix
  • Baby Carrots
  • Teenaged Yellow Carrots
  • Erbette Chard
  • Cauliflower
  • Spigariello, 1 Bunch
  • Mystery item
I honestly don't remember what the mystery item is this week, but think it's sliced cabbage. My plan is to make cabbage soup (true to my Polish heritage). We'll roast the carrots and do something like a sautée with the greens. Only problem with this plan is that I've got three evening work events this week - Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Then the next box comes on Wednesday...

All challenges aside, I still strongly support the concept of CSAs. Beyond the fruits and vegetables received, I believe locally produced organic food is good for the planet. With good tools, like a salad spinner and the vegetable bags, you honestly can let things set awhile.


  1. Hi. I am new to CSA. I found the
    Spigariello delicious. I chopped it up, steamed it, then added it an already sauteed garlic and crushed red pepper in olive oil. Then served it over pasta. It was yummy.

  2. I agree that it's hard to use up the box, especially in my household where it's just...well, me :) But I've been storing my greens in plastic containers and most everything else in perforated plastic bags and so far nothing's really spoiled. Not sure what to do with all the lettuce though...