Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Can't Hardly Wait"

Frog Hollow Farm
May 20, 2009
In this weeks box we have:
Honeyrich Apriums (apricot plum cross)
Brooks Cherries
Haas Avocados (Eco-Farms)
Kiwi (Wild River Marketing)
Heriloom Tomatoes (Wilgenburg Farms)
Enterprise and Pink Lady Apples
Navel Oranges

The moment I brought the box to the car the girls were clamouring to see what was inside. Once they did it was hard to keep them out of it. Eyes wide looking at cherries and apriums and little sis saying "What dis! What dis! What dis!" In addition to our produce, Frog Hollow added samples of their granola and dried apricots along with a jar of blackberry jelly.

This weeks box has me dancing. I'm looking forward to avocado and tomato quesadillas (a favorite from the past week), apriums out of hand and cherries straight from the box.
Ahhh. The sweet, tart taste of cherries. I'm holding back on eating them all as I promised my daughter she could take some in her lunch tomorrow.
I remember Wilgenburg tomatoes from my days at the restaurant, though back then I didn't eat many tomatoes. Last week I thought I'd go ahead and try some tomato. Until now I would happily eat the small Sweet 100 type tomatoes, but usually not larger sliced tomatoes. Well, apparently I've been missing out! Last week's tomatoes were amazing.
I'm hoping that we will continue to get Wilgenburg tomatoes so I can make a salad of cornmeal fried tomatoes, a staple from the L'amie Donia summer menu.

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  1. What a great article on L'Amie Donia -- I'm so proud you were a part of that incredible place.