Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Frog Hollow Farms
June 10, 2009

Bing Cherries
Rainier Cherries

This box came a few days before I left for Michigan. The cherries were quickly eaten out of hand. I ate the peaches even though I *knew* they weren't quite ready. They were still pretty good. The apricots went to my daughter's Preschool for snack time.

Sunday after I returned from my trip, my sister-in-law brought over a few peaches they didn't finish from the June 17th box. They were ripe, soft and calling my name. These peaches were absolutely amazing! The peel came right off, the flesh was juicy and the juice dripped down my arm. The sure sign of a perfect peach. My daughters and I finished off all three peaches in one sitting, taking turns drinking the juice out of the bottom of the bowl. It was a good reminder of why I am participating in the Frog Hollow Happy Child CSA, the fruit is incredible.

I am hoping there will still be peaches in our box this Wednesday. It will take all my willpower to wait until they are just right to eat.

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