Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fermented Tofu

As of January 1, 2010, I've moved from vegetarian to vegan.  Given my deep appreciation for cheese, this was a big decision.  It's actually been extremely easy, but I do miss cheese and things made with cheese, like tartines, pizza, quesadillas ... the list goes on.

In my Meyer lemon research today, I found a recipe for a tartine including lemons and ~ you guessed it ~ cheese.  Goat cheese in particular.  Thankfully, I also found a recipe for vegan goat cheese that seems to be well received; click here.

This recipe calls for fermented tofu.  As I can't imagine making the time to track down the commercial product, I decided to take the DIY approach.  Seemed simple enough, except:
  • Only one recipe found; all roads lead to Asian markets like Ranch 99
  • The recipe I found mentions mold and strong aromas ~ neither of which leave me feeling confident this should be tried at home.
I reached out to some friends for encouragement and advice.  With that in hand, I am pressing onward.   The test batch is prepared and has started its 2-4 day dry fermentation journey.  I'll post daily updates, pictures of the progress, and results of the taste test here.

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