Saturday, April 3, 2010

Status of the Experiments: Meyer Limoncello, Fermented Tofu, and Sauerkraut

I took the time today to check in on the three experiments: Meyer limoncello, fermented tofu, and sauerkraut.  None of them are ready for prime time, but all are making progress.

The limoncello mash is the most straightforward, least "risky" of the bunch.  At this point the lemon peel is still very flexible and has quite a bit of color left to release, though the  Everclear is now a vibrant yellow.  Most of the recipes we found recommended adding the simple syrup after a week or two of infusion.  It smelled great today (after four weeks), but I'm glad we're waiting ~ my sense is that it will continue to improve.

The fermented tofu is a bit harder to read.  It is comfortably submerged in dry sherry.  Some of the mold from the dry fermentation has settled to the bottom of the jar, some still clings to the tofu.  It simply smells like sherry and nothing visibly frightening is happening.  We've got another month to go before we have to decide if we're actually going to taste it...

The sauerkraut is *amazing*.  I never thought I would think, type, or say those words in combination.  It's been brewing for just over a week and now tastes like "fresh" sauerkraut.  The texture is still crisp, the flavor is salty, but not overly so, and the aroma is mild.  There was no mold, "bloom", or "scum" on top ~ just a few foamy bubbles around the edge.  I cleaned the plate and weight that keep the cabbage submerged, stirred in a bit more brine, and set it back to rest.  I am looking forward to an outstanding Reuben sandwich in a few weeks time...

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