Friday, May 20, 2011

Limoncello, Arancello, and Pompelmocello: Mashes Ready for Testing

It's been three months since we set the Limoncello, Arancello, and Pompelmocello mashes to rest. Today I tested peels from each to see if the mashes were ready. Simply bending a peel allows you to check its rigidity; when the peel "breaks" in half easily, the mash is ready. Here's a look at the peels and the infused Everclear from each batch:



The lemon and grapefruit peels broke easily, while the orange peel did not break at all.  All three of the batches were full flavored, but light in color.  I've decided to let them sit a while longer.

The final steps, once the mashes are ready, is to combine the infused Everclear with a simple sugar, filter (or not), then bottle.  You can find the full recipe here with some tweaks on the mash prep here.

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