Monday, May 13, 2013

Another Season of Community Supported Agriculture, Another Adventure

Tomorrow begins a new season with Hidden Villa and I'm thrilled to be, once again, supporting local farms through a CSA share and chronicling my experiences on Getting Your Share.

In the four years since my last post a few things have changed. My daughters have made the leap from preschool to elementary school and while their tastes have grown in some ways, they still are disinterested in anything out of their comfort zone, sometimes vehemently so. I'm hoping that a summer of fresh produce straight from the "box" will inspire them to venture beyond the safety of raw broccoli and frozen strawberries into a world of kale, tomatoes and anything else their food fears will allow them to try.

My post as private chef has recently come to an end and I am now turning my eyes toward new adventures. In the time since the last dinner with "the family", I have had little chance to reflect upon what it means to be at home. A sizable project at the girls' school kept my mind from wandering too far and held the sadness at bay that I now feel from missing my place in the kitchen and the relationships I forged with "the family". What happens next is still a mystery. For now, I will eagerly await the bounty that my Tuesday CSA box will hold and dream of the dishes I might create should I have willing diners.

Each week, I like to create a food plan, offering my daughters an opportunity to provide input and giving them each one day per week to select their own menu. My hope is that they will not only become active participants in each meal's inspiration, creation, and consumption but also in the retelling through blog posts here.

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