Monday, August 3, 2009

Salad Nicoise

Mixed greens, tomatoes, potatoes, green beans (and tuna) ... foundation for the very flexible Salad Nicoise, like this one from Sara Moulton. Starting out tonight, that's about all I knew.

As is typical for me, I'll get an idea on how to veganize a recipe that matches ingredients on hand. Looking at the link above it was easy enough -- skip the eggs and the tuna.
Vegan Salad Nicoise
Serves 4

1/2c Nicoise olives, halved
1c cherry tomatoes, halved
3-6 new potatoes, chopped into bite-sized pieces (~1c total)
2c green beans, trimmed
2-4T capers, to taste
6c mixed greens
Dijon mustard based vinaigrette

Prepare all ingredients (mis en place). Blanch the new potatoes and the green beans; both should be tender crisp, not mushy. Toss remaining ingredients with the vinaigrette and top with potatoes and green beans. Enjoy!
Sean topped his salad with sardine-wrapped capers and flaked tuna. Fantastique!

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