Monday, July 27, 2009

"On and On and On"

Hidden Villa
July 21, 2009

Largest onion ever (Walla Walla)

I was excited when I opened the box and saw tomatillos. I had gotten a request for chicken enchiladas and I was pleased to be able to use tomatillos from our CSA.

Here's my favorite chicken enchilada recipe and my adjustments.

Enchilada Chicken (a Tortilla Soup recipe)

Chicken Enchiladas with Roasted Tomatillo Chile Salsa

  • First make a batch of enchilada chicken. When you open the recipe scroll down towards the bottom and you'll find it.
  • I think that the white pepper is too much, so I reduce it.
  • Occasionally I will add tomatoes to the chicken.
  • After the chicken cooks, strain and save the broth to use later.

  • Make the salsa. I usually double the recipe
  • Adjust jalapeno to your spice preference.
  • Follow the recipe to make the chicken filling using the enchilada chicken and broth you made earlier.
  • Use corn or flour tortillas as you prefer
  • I often us Cotija cheese, but Monterey Jack is great too.

I always get rave reviews. The enchilada chicken is definitely worth making and the tortilla soup recipe is nice too.

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